Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Persian Apology

Wow.  It's been too long.  Some of it is laziness.  Some of it is being busy.  Some of it is trying to save money.  But I'm going to say that most of it is not wanting to leave my comfort zone.

As I mentioned before, I no longer live with my parents.  My first attempt at living alone (but with roommates) has really dulled my self-proclaimed adventurous streak.  When I'm done paying bills and taking my cats to emergency vet appointments, I just want to eat mac and cheese.  And when I get home from work, I just want to play video games or binge a show on Netflix until it's time to make dinner.

But a few weeks ago, Joey and I braved the cold and treated ourselves to dinner.  I felt better about paying for an adventure because we walked to and from the restaurant.  We went to a restaurant that we have passed countless times on our way to one of our favorite bars, a Persian restaurant called Noon O Kabab.

I ordered the Noon O Two.  Two giant kabobs and some grilled veggies and cucumber salad in a giant pita.

I was not exaggerating the size.  The pita even obscures the second kabob!

I was nervous waiting for it to come out.  The Noon O Kabab menus were rather vague when describing their seasonings.  They simply say "Persian seasonings," as if that covers all the possible spices that could be used.  There are so many spices in this world, many of them originating near Persia!  Many of them dreadful!

My serving platter was set before me.  I cut off a small corner and tasted it, ready to douse any fires with moosir.  But I must say I was pleasantly surprised! "Persian seasonings" are apparently subtle, complimenting the meat instead of transforming it entirely.  Truly delicious.

And it lasted for two meals!

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