Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Case of Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Joey got a Scottish-American cookbook for Christmas.  We were recently snowed (and polar vortex-ed) in.  We decided to make some recipes from the new cookbook.  The first recipe we made was Bacon and Egg Cups.  Didn't turn out so pretty, but they were delicious.  Next time we'll make the cups prettier so we can get them out of the tin better.  Live and learn, right?

Then Joey sees the recipe for Mince and Tatties.  "We have to make this.  I love mince," he says.

I look at the recipe and see Worcestershire Sauce.  Gross.  I hate Worcestershire Sauce. It is horrible and terrible and I have never actually had it before.

Doesn't it just look dreadful?  Also, maybe it was knocked over and sauce spilled on the bottle....

So I voice how disgusting Worcestershire Sauce to Joey.

"Have you ever tried it?"

"No.  It's gross."

"But how can you know it's gross?"  He's trying to use logic to win the argument!  That cheater!  He also looks so excited to make a mince.  So I give in.  "You'll love it!  It's like Scottish Sloppy Joes!  I promise!"

So we start preparing the mince.  A lot of it is like Sloppy Joes.  But that doesn't make Worcestershire Sauce okay!

Scottish Sloppy Joes?

But if you're making Mince and Tatties, you need tatties to complete the meal.  Luckily tatties are not relate to tats and are in fact potatoes.  We don't have the energy to mash them ourselves nor do we think to make boiled potatoes.  We go for instant mashed tatties from a pouch.

Scottish Sloppy Joes!

Long story short, I owe Worcestershire Sauce an apology.  It's pretty good.  It's quite mild but definitely enhances the flavor of the meat.  Mince and Tatties is a delicious meal and perfect to cook when you are vortex-ed into your house!

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