Monday, January 20, 2014

Another Change in the List

So last time, I talked about judging Worcestershire Sauce a "Do Not Eat" food without so much as a taste.  Turns out, it's pretty innocent.  But I don't count that as a true shift from the "Do Not Eat" list to the "Totally Eat" list.  That's just another case of my flawed judicial system.

Beans were a food that landed on the "Do Not Eat" list for flagrant crimes against taste buds.  Like I said, they taste like paste.  After burritos made at home and enchiladas ordered at a Mexican restaurant, I've definitely been warming up to beans.  I still wonder if they could be used in art projects, but eating them now seems like a better alternative.

I know.  I barely know who I am anymore.

To put my feelings to the test, I wanted to try Black Bean Burgers.  I wasn't sure how a burger without cow could still be a burger let alone something a person would want to eat.   And there was mustard in it.  But I got Joey on board (he was more willing to give them a go than I was), and off we went on our adventure.

As I was patting the bean concoction into its burger shape, my dad passed through the kitchen.  "Are you baking cookies?" he asked.

"No," my sister answered.  "She's making black bean burgers.  That's what vegetarians eat when they say they're eating burgers."

He looked at my burgers.  "Well, looks like I'm not becoming a vegetarian."

I didn't blame him.  There were oats in the burger.  It didn't read as kosher to omnivores like us.  But that's what made it an adventure.

But how was the final product?

Can you see the oats?  Don't the beans almost look like chocolate chips?  That's why my dad thought they were cookies.

It was pretty delicious.  Like, we're-totally-making-this-again delicious.  The mustard was a bit strong, but other than that I only have praise.  The burger was super filling.  And they were super easy to make.  And the ingredients are cheap.  As someone whose student loans just kicked in, I appreciate food that doesn't put a dent in my student loan fund.

Black beans are officially on the "Totally Eat" list.

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