Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bacon-less Scallops

I tried scallops on Halloween.  I vowed to try them without bacon, and I have remained true to my word.  A few days ago, I used scallops as the protein in a Stir-Fry.

Normally I use beef or just vegetables, but those scallops were staring at me from the door of the freezer.  Also, my mom asked what my plans were for the scallops.  I checked out a bunch of directions for cooking scallops and decided browning would be a good indicator of cooked-ness.  I asked Emily if she would eat some scallops so that I could cook up a bunch and not commit to eating them all.

I couldn't find my usual stir-fry sauce, so I combined some soy sauce and oyster sauce.  Emily was dubious (since I wasn't even measuring the sauces), but she didn't back down.

Behold my creation!

That sauce was tasty.  A+ for me!  And the veggies were delicious (even though we were out of bean sprouts).  I ate this at 5:30 and was still stuffed when I went to bed five hours later.  That is a quality meal!  I love Stir-Fry.

But what about the scallops?  I had a minor revelation.  Scallops taste fine.  Not as good as bacon, but they taste fine.  What I don't like about them is their texture.  They feel like vinyl on my teeth.  Or at least, what I imagine vinyl would feel like on my teeth.  I do not dig that.  I can eat them as long as they're with something else.  In the Stir-Fry, scallops are fine because there are so many other textures at play.  Wrapped in bacon, everything is wonderful.

Oh, and Emily totally liked my improvised sauce.  And finished my left-over scallops.  Thanks, Em!

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