Friday, September 20, 2013

Fancy People Food

Joey and I are trying to eat a little healthier.  This can make adventures even scarier.  Turkey is healthier (but grosser) than beef.  Tomatoes are disgusting but healthy because of lycopene.  Lycopene prevents prostate cancer, but apparently not having a prostate does not exempt me eating tomatoes.

Tonight we made these stuffed shells.  Miriah said that she would try them, but she didn't sound super enthusiastic.  I was also concerned because, as I mentioned before, turkey and tomatoes are gross.  Joey, on the other hand, was pumped.

As we all know, when one food is stuffed into another, it automatically becomes fancy.  (Unless it is turducken.)  Spinach Stuffed Shells with Meat Sauce even sounds fancy!  (Turducken does not.)  So kudos to Joey on finding a recipe that is both fancy and healthy.

These little shells are the most labor intensive (a big component to fanciness) meal we've made on this adventure.  But they are among the most delicious.  Miriah and Joey both agree.  These shells are ultra tasty.  I even like the ground turkey!  (Though I'm still not in the tomato club yet....)  Lucky thing the recipe makes 9 servings!  We're going to freeze them and eat them for days.

27 delicious shells.  And a bit too much lycopene for my taste.

I was surprised that the ground turkey tasted so much like ground beef.  I was not surprised by the tomatoes.  I managed to eat some of the sauce, but I mostly just picked the turkey out of it and left all the tomato-y bits on my plate.

And the recipe actually yielded a bit extra stuffing.  So Joey made a delicious suggestion for an appetizer.

This does knock down the health factor a bit....

Absolutely delicious.  Definitely making this again.  But I'll let Joey have most of the sauce.

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  1. Seriously the best. I'm getting hungry just looking at these pictures.