Saturday, September 28, 2013

Take a Good Dish and Make it Scary

I love Pasta Roni's Shells and White Cheddar.  So much.  It borders on unhealthy.  My college buddy and I used to split a box for "second dinner" after working in the dining hall.  Those nights were magical.  Those shells are magical.  I love them.

Joey loves tuna.  Tuna is securely on the "Do Not Eat" list.  But my beloved shells suggest adding tuna to make a complete meal.  So following the advice of Joey and Pasta Roni, we added tuna to the shells.

Can you see it there?  Those camouflaged chunks of gross tainting my beautiful shells?

I ate almost my whole plate.  Very much like an adult!  But to be completely honest, it was pretty gross.  By the end (and this is where the "almost" happened), I starting piling my tuna off to the side.

I know what the problem is, though.  And I have a whole new appreciation for Jessica Simpson.  Tuna's texture is similar to chicken.  The taste is a couple steps down from chicken (ironically, I think tuna tastes earthier).  It's a little bit grittier than chicken.  But tuna is very much the chicken of the sea.  And I can understand Jessica's confusion.

I think next time, I'll stick with regular Shells and White Cheddar.  Why ruin the extremely tasty pasta?

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