Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tastes Like Chicken

In an attempt to make chicken tasty, Joey and I made Chicken Breast with Orange Glaze.  I'm also not a big fan of orange marmalade, so the recipe definitely counted as an adventure.  Not something I would ever make for myself if I wasn't making a conscious effort to eat foods I normally wouldn't.

Joey cooked the meat while I made the glaze.  The smell of meat cooking in butter is hard to rival.  Aside from a little snag where I misread "tablespoons" as "teaspoons," the glaze turned out really well, too.  Even though, it did look pretty disgusting before I thickened it.

The least appetizing soup in the world or a pretty tasty glaze.  You be the judge.

The chicken cooked and the glaze thickened, we put together our plates.  I was a little concerned about the glaze running over onto the rest of my food (I'm picky like that).  But it wasn't too out of control.  I tried to put the carrots in between the glaze and the mashed potatoes to save them.

My carrot levee.

I've decided that I just don't care for chicken.  I don't hate it anymore, but it will never be as tasty as pork or beef.  I think it's the way chicken cooks.  When you cut into beef or pork, it doesn't come off in strips the way chicken does.  I don't like those little strips.

Other than my new-found ambivalence toward chicken, the meal was delicious.  Joey cooked the chicken perfectly.  I think the glaze would definitely benefit from some brown sugar.  However, it was pretty tasty without any sugar.  It was a little heavy on the citrus flavor.

In summary: chicken=meh, carrots=border, sauce=overly citrus-y, brown sugar=the best.

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