Friday, August 30, 2013

And the Winner Is...

One food has officially moved from the "Do Not Eat" to the "Totally Eat" list.  I have had this particular food both very cooked down and, as of tonight, pretty much raw.  Tonight, I realized that I officially like green pepper.

I adventured again tonight, sadly without photographic evidence.  You'll just have to trust me.  I made a Hawaiian Quesadilla.  The recipe can be found in a collection of recipes called "Fresh & Delicious Meals for 2."  (Or apparently online!)  It was pretty straight-forward.  Basically add ham, pineapple, and green pepper to a quesadilla.

It was indeed delicious.  Well categorized, Ms. Crocker.

I think I've nailed down a process to making myself like new foods.  The trick is to find a recipe that has just one or two ingredients on the "Do Not Eat" list.  Preferably, have those ingredients covered up by something else.  With the sloppy joes, the ketchup and green pepper were wonderfully masked by brown sugar.  Eat this recipe a couple times to really get used to the ingredient.  Now try the ingredient with progressively less and less to mask their taste.  Voila! Suddenly something as gross as green peppers suddenly becomes quite yummy!

So the adventure continues!  Perhaps next will be a very mild curry.  What's milder than yellow?  If you find it let me know, because that's really where I should start.

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